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For aviators,  flying is the most important part of what they do.  But great pilots have a mindset that is beyond what most people have.   Great pilots are meticulous.  Details on a plane matter... details save lives.  Aviators know this and know that a well kept plane starts with a well kept hanger.   


Mopping a hanger takes too long  and keeps us from doing what we love most.  Not to mention the fact that in truth all your doing is spreading dirt evenly on the floor.  What is needed is a fast way to clean the floor thoroughly.   

Introducing the Best Aviation line of floor Scrubbers and Floor maintenance products.  Welcome to Best Scrubbers!


Best Scrubbers is bringing innovation to the scrubbing community. Durable equipment that will last for years to come. Made with high quality materials and assembled in America. Providing you with a cleaning experience worth sharing.

20" Disk Scrubber

12 Gallons

Can clean 40,000 sq. ft. on one charge

Run time of two hours

Single Nylon Brush

28" Disk Scrubber

16 Gallons

Can clean 70,000 sq. ft. on one charge

Run time of three hours

Twin Nylon Brushes

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Best Scrubber_2_edited.png

-Battery Meter
-Status Light
-Vac Switch
-Brush Switch
-Down Pressure Gauge

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