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Our Story

Founded in 2016, Best Aviation Products started as a Patey family project. Wanting to make the airport experience easier for his wife, Mark Patey recruited his sons to design a tug for their Mom. This sparked a flame in the aviation community for a designer experience when moving their aircraft. With features in Sport Aviation Magazine, Twin & Turbine, and many other established publications, we have been fully integrated into the aviation community.

Growing more and more every year, Best Aviation is elevating airport experiences. Stressing your nose gear and damaging your prop while moving your aircraft is a story of the past. We bring versatility to the scene with our highly engineered tugs. With features like torque control making 30 decisions a second, you can trust that your aircraft is in the best hands. We do the heavy lifting in style. With  options like custom color, jumpstart, LED lights, air compressor, under-glow lighting, or tundra tires. As seen in Mike Patey's media outlets there is no best option better than Best Aviation Products.



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Patey Twins : Let's get to work

Mike and Mark's aviation journey began in 2002. Each had unwittingly spent the day at small airports in different states and had become inspired to fly. With an immediate purchase of a 1971 Cessna 172 and licenses secured within a couple of months, they officially had wings. 


From drag cars to off-road hill climbs and airplanes, Mike and Mark have always been driven to race.


Mark won the World Champion in STOL DRAG in 2017. He holds the world's record for Transcontinental Speed from San Diego to Jacksonville. As well as racing airplanes for 5 years.


Mike holds multiple world speed records with more that he is excited to pursue. His aircraft builds include: RV10, CompAir 8, Epic LT, two Lancair Legacys (piston and turbine), and 3 signature designs “Turbulence”, “Draco”, and his latest, “Scrappy” - a bush plane featuring Mike’s own transforming airfoil, solar power covered wings, dynamic controllable suspension and 2 eBike motorcycles attached under each wing.

Both have been nominated to be in Living Legends Hall of Fame for their contributions to the Aviation Community.

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Our Partners

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