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The Best Scrubber Rider  32R Scrubber is one of the most powerful riding scrubbers available today. This makes short work of big hangar floors so you can spend time doing what you love most. With a 32" disc that accommodates different brushes and pads Rider 32 is perfectly suited for almost any floor surface. 

There is no sense scrubbing up dirt then spreading it everywhere.  So the Rider 32  comes with adjustable squeegee blades that can be adjusted without the need for tools.  Plus the 40 gallon tank reduces downtime.  

You won't find a better scrubber for your hanger than the Rider 32.   Clean up quick, give your back a rest and your pride a hanger worthy of your plane.  



Best Scrubbers ride on scrubbers come with and optional LCD display that keeps you safe and monitors all critical systems of your Scrubber.   Features like water levels, batter SOC and actions occurring on the scrubber ensure you the best results on your floor with the most efficient process possible. 

The Best Scrubber Ride on scrubber saves time, improves the finish and cleanliness of the floor while saving your back.

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Battery Life

Tank Size

Disc Scrub Path. 



Up To 4 Hours

40 Gal Supply

32" available


Up To 20,500
SQHR (Practical). 

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