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Connecting Arms

Connecting Arms


Connecting arms (pictured with Alpha 3 tug) connect your tug to your plane.   Made of 1.25 inch tubing for brute strength and nickle plated for beauty and durability.



Standard Connecting Arms: Cirrus SR20, 22, 22T, Cessna TTX, 177RG, Columbia 300-350-400, RV Nose wheel models.


Long Standard Connecting Arms: For those desiring more room in front of the aircraft for more visibility. EX. Cessna P210.


Down Standard Connecting Arms: Most tailwheel aircraft under 3,600 lbs. Require compatible adapter cups that may vary depending on tailwheel assembly. (EX. Down Standard Connect Arms paired with 1" Adapter Cups are compatible with the Cub Crafters X-Cub with the Alaskan Bushwheel tailwheel)


Long Bent Connecting Arms: Cessna 150, 172, 177, 182, 206, Mooney, Piper PA-28/32. Require compatible adapters. (EX. Cessna extension adapters paired with Long Bent connecting arms for the wheel pant Cessna 182)


Side Load Connecting Arm: For aircraft with a Maule tailwheel or no way to clamp onto the wheel assembly.

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