Remote Control Aircraft Tugs
New R12, 15, 18 Coming soon to the Website.

With all the innovation, quality, and reliability Best Tugs is founded on we are proud to bring you our remote control aircraft tug. Coming standard with great features like Tug Smart Technology™, plane-specific software, intuitive controls, smart charge technology and torque control, the Romeo still has more to offer pilots.

Romeo R5/R8 Specs




On-Board Computer


10"-16" - with Lazy Susan *Optional Item.

12-22" - with Ez-Load


Digital Display Built Into Controller





Automatically engage parking brake


Automatically brakes when throttle is released

Weight Limit: 5,600 lbs

Weight Limit: 8,000 lbs

Weight Limit: 15,000 lbs

Weight Limit: 18,000 lbs

Paint Safe

Unlike other tugs that tear at your painted floor, our heavy duty caster wheel and independently powered rubber tires give you full maneuverability while maintaining your painted investment.

Jumpstart GPU*Optional

No need to give up the option to add a much needed asset to your tug. Romeo carries three 12V batteries that allow it to jump and power many different aircraft.

Choose Your Loading Style

LAZY SUSAN *Optional

Our new update and we couldn't be more excited. An elegantly simple locking mechanism makes unloading your plane a breeze. If you would prefer to lock your Lazy Susan in place, simply press the pin release and realign the tug to activate the lock. Loading is as simple and easy as you would expect from a Best Tugs.

EZ LOAD *Standard Equipment

Accepts tires up to 22' in diameter. Loading and unloading is effortless with intuitive locking systems in place to keep you and your plane safe and sound.

Standard Features

Optimized Software

Every tug comes installed with a computer software optimized for your plane. This controls how fast your plane speeds up, slows down, and stops. That feature is what allows Best Tugs to protect your nose gear from common tug induced damages and over stress.

Pulse-Width Modulation

Pulse Width Modulation is the technology we use to give your tug full torque and power at any speed. Even at a crawl, you will have the full power of the tug at your disposal.

This allows for extreme control of the tug and aircraft in tight hangar environments or while carefully navigating through a hangar door entry.

Tug Smart™ Technology

This is the brain behind the beast. Tug Smart™ will monitor the torque being used to make sure there is no chance of damaging your nose gear. If you have the throttle cracked when you turn on your tug, it will make you reset, to avoid accidental movement and damage to your aircraft.

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