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With any Best Power product,
you are investing in the best power
products on the market.
Stop draining your aircraft battery and operate
with Best Power.

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Power Supply

Available in 3 power capacities, our Power Supply has the power to run avionics.

BP 28-56 Manual
BP 28-27 Manual
BP 14-27 Manual
Grey Limbo

Take Your Power With You

In it's portable case, the Power Supply will give you the energy needed to update your avionics without having your battery running dead.

Solid plastic case with rounded edges for safe transport in vehicles and aircraft.

power pack.png

Interior storage for aircraft cables, extension cord, and misc. tools. 

Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage/ Over temperature protected.

Dual power Rectifiers and Filters to allow clean power to Avionics.

AC Current input 17A/115VAC.    8A/230VAC


Forced air cooling.

28.5 V 56 Amp Continuous Power Supply 110-240V input.

91% Efficiency


With our Power Cart, have enough power to run your avionics and jumpstart your aircraft. Nothing but the best with Best Power.

Grey Limbo

Connects to phone via Bluetooth

10" no flat tires for easy rolling over hangar rails.

Digital battery monitor helps you know when to charge your power supply cart.


Powder Coated steel internal components protects the electrical components.

28.5 Volt optional continuous power supply and 28.5 volt start require a 110-240 V 20 amp wall service for operation.

2, 4 or 6 x 12V Sealed Lead Acid AGM batteries with smart charger to prevent maintenance and leaks on your hangar floor.


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