An attitude of innovation constantly drives Best Tugs to be better day after day. Take a look at some of the innovations our tugs use to make sure your plane stays ready for safe flights.

Consistent Safety

Once you fit your Quick Lock Fork to your plane, you'll never have to think twice about whether you're attached securely. As soon as the pin drops, you know your aircraft is there to stay.

See our video for an example of how it works.

Prop Safe Design

Why risk a costly prop strike? Our patented Prop Safe™ design is the least expensive insurance policy on the market. With Prop Safe™ you'll significantly reduce the risk of prop strikes once your BestTug is connected*, even on sharp turns and pivots. Confidently move your plane in the wind without worrying about thousands of dollars of damage.

* As always, Operator is responsible to ensure the prop is clear of the tug and all other objects at all times. Operator must take caution when engaging and disengaging any tug from any plane as all tugs can make prop contact during loading and unloading.

Auto Throttle


Your tug will make 30 adjustments per second to ensure that your plane is moving at a constant speed, whether on flat ground or on standard inclines. Avoid common tug induced damage caused by sudden starts or stops that over-stress the nose gear.  

In case of an emergency your tug is equipped with an emergency stop (only to be used in emergency situations where an urgent stop is required)

Plane-Specific Software

We have specific software based on specifications of various aircraft and field testing. There is also software built to accomodate pilots with a wide range of aircraft, so no matter your situation there is a great solution.

Four Loading Options

STANDARD RAMP *Most Popular*

Our most dynamic loading option, the Standard Ramp, allows you to move wheel pant, retractable gear, and tail wheel aircraft.


Our incredibly adjustable EZ Load is able to accept tires ranging from 16 inch up to 22 inch diameter. Better yet, switching between sizes takes seconds and does not require any tools to confidently start moving the next aircraft.


Typical Lazy Susan's can twist and turn when you're loading your aircraft or the nose wheel will rotate and refuse to return to center for unloading. With our new locking system you can now take command of your nose gear by turning your Lazy Susan into an EZ Load and back with one touch of a button.


For pilots with a low hangar door, you can now lift your nose 10 inches with the standard lift or 12 inches with the upgraded unit. How much that drops the tail depends on the geometry of your specific aircraft. Give us a call with the dimensions of your plane and hangar door height for an exact number.

Full Torque at Any Speed


  A T   A N Y   S P E E D  

You can now comfortably ease your plane into the hangar, despite your hangar rails, at any speed, even at a slow crawl. Thanks to Pulse Width Modulation, the onboard computer allows you to have full torque from your drive tires at any speed.