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Since its release, the B5 has become the number one choice for pilots with planes up to 5,600 lbs.*

We have accomplished this by delivering the best experience possible. All of our standard features, best-in-class options and world-class accessories are changing how you move your plane. As pilots, we have designed, engineered and manufactured every Best Tug to solve the needs we had and that we know you have. 

Some of the most popular planes the B5 is engineered for include the SR22, Bonanza, Baron, TTX, C-172 and C-182. The B5 is capable of moving planes with wheel pants, retractable gear and tail wheel. 

*Tow rating based off MGTOW on level, smooth, paved surfaces

Standard Features

Optimized Software

Every tug comes installed with a computer software optimized for your plane. Nose gear damage and nose gear shimmy are completely avoidable. 

Computer Software.png

Pulse-Width Modulation

Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) is the technology we use to give our tugs full torque and power at any speed. Even at a crawl, our tugs can move your aircraft.

Prop Safe™ Design

Our patented Prop Safe design is the least-expensive insurance policy that prevents prop strikes and prop damage. 


Smart Charge Technology

We use the highest quality batteries on the market, and our onboard Smart Charge system is an easy and safe way to keep your batteries charged and ready to go. 

Tug Smart ™ Technology

Your Best Tug measures speed and torque all while moving your aircraft. Because of this measurement, the torque limitations specific to your plane inhibit nose gear damage.

Auto Throttle

The Auto Throttle on our tug can make up to thirty changes a second in order to maintain a constant speed, even on slopes. We have also programmed codes that will trip to prevent you from damaging your aircraft. 


Best-In-Class Options

We make every facet of moving your plane easier!



Regenerative Braking

New in 2017, our hybrid system allows our tug's motor to act as a generator and recharge its batteries when the tug is slowing or stopping your plane. 

Tundra Package

Built to move your plane on grass or outdoor strips, the Tundra's aggressive tires, extra lift and optimized gearing makes it essential for your back-country airstrips. 


Helicopter Lift

Our brilliantly simple drop-in helicopter attachment makes moving your Robinson Helicopter easy. With one attachment, the same tug that moves your airplanes will also move your helicopter.


World-Class Accessories



Trailer/Boat Attachment

If you're like most people, you keep more than just your airplane in your hangar. We want to help you move your boats and trailers as well. This simple attachment makes moving all your toys easy. 

TrailerBoat Tug.png

Quick Lock Fork

Our adjustable Quick Lock Fork provides a simple, safe and secure way to move aircraft with wheel pants and tail wheel aircraft.



Retractable Gear Attachment

Built in multiple sizes, this attachment lets you move all your retractable gear airplanes as well as tail wheel aircraft.


Custom Paint

A sexy plane deserves a sexy tug. Our tugs can be custom painted to match your plane. For even more customization add your N# or Company Decal. 

Spec Sheet Full-01.jpg

Our Experts Are Waiting!

Let us know what you fly, and we will get back to you with the best tug for you. Don't wait—your plane deserves it!