Best Tug For 4P


New to 2017, the Alpha tug is the latest edition to the Best Tugs lineup. This tug is capable of moving 3,000 lbs and up to 4,500 lbs* with the Alpha Plus motor upgrade. It comes loaded with standard features that will change how you look at dragger style tugs.

A revolutionary pivoting design allows you to turn and move your plane without picking up and adjusting your tug. The Alpha is built with the same ingenuity and technology as what has been tried and tested on every other Best Tugs.

*Tow rating based off MGTOW on level, smooth, paved surfaces

Standard Features

Auto Throttle

The Auto Throttle on our tug can make up to thirty changes a second in order to maintain a constant speed, even on slopes. We have also programmed codes that will trip to prevent you from damaging your aircraft. 


Tug Smart ™ Technology

Your Best Tug measures speed and torque all while moving your aircraft. Because of this measurement, the torque limitations specific to your plane inhibit nose gear damage.


Pulse-Width Modulation

Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) is the technology we use to give our tugs full torque and power at any speed. Even at a crawl, our tugs can move your aircraft.

Optimized Software

Every tug comes installed with a computer software optimized for your plane. Nose gear damage and nose gear shimmy are completely avoidable. 







Alpha Plus

The Alpha Plus has an upgraded drive motor and transmission. Giving it a 50% torque increase and a 30% speed increase over our standard Alpha Tug. The Alpha Plus has a tow capacity of 4,500 lbs.